This Spooky SEAson we challenge you to take a tour around the National Marine A-SCARE-rium. See all manner of creepy, freaky, spooky, strange and wonderful creatures by making your way through our different zones.

These include; our Plymouth Scary Sound zone, Ocean ADRIFTers, Mad Scientists Lab, The Howling Moon Tunnel, AAAHH-tlantic Ocean, EddyTOMBstone Tank, BioHAZARD Zone and The Great Barrier Grief.

Plymouth SCARY Sound Zone

Start off in our Plymouth SCARY Sound Zone where you’ll encounter some of the creepy creatures that live in our waters. Why not SEA if you can spot our spooky Spider Crabs, skilful Snipe(r) Fish and Spiny Starfish?

Ocean ADRIFTers Zone

Watch out as you make your way next to our Ocean ADRIFTers Zone where, if you’re not careful, you may drift into the tentacles of our prickly Sea Nettles and Moon Jellyfish. See if you can spot the two conjoined alien-like Sea Nettles while you’re there.

Howling Moon Tunnel

Next, creep your way past our Mad Marine Scientists Lab and carefully crawl through our ‘Howling’ Moon Tunnel Zone. Keep a weather eye out for creatures above and below you, including our ter-ray-fying Sting Rays and sneaky Sharks. You may also spot Hulk the Hairy Hermit Crab lurking in the darkness of his shell.

AAAHHH-tlantic Ocean Tank

Dive into our AAAHHH-tlantic Ocean zone and try not to scream as you come face to face with the depths of the largest tank in the UK. Here lurking in the deep are some of the craziest creatures of our Ocean including freaky Friday the Turtle, howling Howie the Sand Tiger Shark and Dusk and Dawn the Barracudas.

EddyTOMBstone Tank

Sneak towards the ghouls in our EddyTOMBstone Tank and encounter the animals that haunt our British Seas, including crafty Catsharks, (ship)Wreck Fish and creepy Conga Eels.


Grab your lab coat and safety googles as you head through the radioactive tunnel and to our BioHAZARD Zone where our Mad Marine Scientists have cooked up all manner of strange and wonderful creatures including freaky Frogfish, phantom Parrotfish and crazy Clownfish.

Great Barrier Grief Zone

Creep over to our Great Barrier Grief Zone and discover, lurking in the darkness, some coolest creatures of the night including our blood-sucking Vampire Fish, bone-chilling Batfish and mystical Unicorn Fish.

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The National Marine Aquarium (NMA) is the UK’s largest aquarium, located in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth. It is run by the Ocean Conservation Trust, a charity dedicated to connecting people with the Ocean.

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