Sarah Pickup – Head Host

Sarah Pickup

“Working within such a passionate team of individuals makes the National Marine Aquarium a fantastic work place. Everyday is different, and being able to share knowledge about the marine environment to such a wide range of people is truly inspiring. I learn something new everyday!”

Karen Wilcocks – Host Level 2

Karen Wilcocks

“Working at the aquarium has been a fantastic experience. Delivering shows on the marine animals is always great fun, and teaching school groups about the oceans is very rewarding. It’s wonderful to be part of such a motivated and inspired team who feel strongly about marine conservation”

Oleta Forde – Host Level 1

Oleta Forde

“The NMA is such a fun place to work. The individual personalities of the animals make it interesting but so does the public. It’s a rewarding experience helping people of all ages explore, understand and care for our oceans and the life they contain.”

Joe Feasley-Kemp – Host Level 1

Joe Feasley-Kemp

“There are two amazing things about my job. Firstly, all of the fish, every single one has a story to share. Secondly, the look on someone’s face when you tell them a fishes’ tale.”

Loveday Trinick – Schools Assistant

Loveday Trinick

“Working at The National Marine Aquarium is like working nowhere else; it is fun, exhilarating and full of challenges. I have enjoyed working here for a long time and look forward to enjoying it for much longer”

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