Communication and Learning

Communication is at the heart of the National Marine Aquarium’s ethos and expertise. With significant expertise in informal learning, exhibition development and formal education programmes, the Aquarium is able to offer support, training and delivery for any organisation with public engagement needs.

The National Marine Aquarium hosts over 30,000 school and college learners each year across a broad range of subjects and topics. The innovative and respected education programme, Just Add H2O, focuses on delivering curriculum objectives through inspiring, engaging and relevant learning linked to the Seas. Our Discovery and Learning team operate within a strong network of educators and have significant influence locally and nationally in curriculum development and the design of curriculum enrichment activities, within and beyond the Aquarium.

Just Add H2O is a programme that is supported by a pool of resources, a training programme and a robust evaluation system that ensures quality and fit with teacher’s requirements.

If you are looking to improve your engagement with schools, to train your team, to develop resources or to transform your education programme into an effective income generator, then we can provide a range of support from audit to fully franchised delivery of the Just Add H2O programme.


Through a desire to ensure delivery of efficient and effective communication, the National Marine Aquarium has developed a robust learning evaluation process that can be adapted to suit any need. Successful communication and learning projects employ evaluation strategies at the beginning, middle and end of the planning process to ensure fit with the target audience and delivery of learning outcomes.

Whether an exhibition, public engagement activity or education programme, a well-devised and executed evaluation strategy can save time and money and provides reassurance to funders that their money is well spent.

As well as providing a range of options for the planning and delivery of an evaluation strategy, if external funding is being sought, we are able to provide guidance through the application process to incorporate evaluation costs into the project budget.

Science Communication & Public Engagement Facilities

Effective public engagement is increasingly difficult in the information age where multiple media channels compete for the public’s attention. Designing and executing science communication activities requires an understanding of target audiences, communication strategies, media and the pre-existing attitudes and values of the public.

Increasingly, funders are looking for public engagement outcomes as intrinsic elements of research projects and there is a need for all communicators to focus on delivering effective and meaningful messages to an audience.

The National Marine Aquarium can provide advice and support in developing, funding and delivering communication projects based upon 15 years experience at the cutting edge in the field of communicating marine science.

Conservation Project Planning and Implementation

As an fundamental element of the organisation’s aims and closely linked to the communication and learning activities, the National Marine Aquarium has developed and delivered a range of conservation programmes with an emphasis on public engagement and citizen science.

We can offer support across the spectrum from initial ideas generation, through development of funding bids to project planning and delivery. If you are planning, or would like to plan a conservation project and can see the benefit in engaging the public in the process then contact us to discuss your options.

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