Aquarium Technical

Management of Third Party Facilities

We welcome enquiries for the management of Third Party facilities worldwide.

Depending on the scale of the project and the requirement of the client we are able to deploy senior managers to oversee operational teams or to recruit, train and manage staff to run your facility.

We can advise and guide clients through the design and build sections of new projects as well as providing business plans and operational processes, plus mentoring events for client teams.

Planning and Development of Aquariums

The husbandry, life support and facilities requirements of new projects can often become overlooked as the design focuses on customer facing facilities. It is crucial to ensure an adequate balance between these two aspects to create an efficient and functional facility.

Working with you, the client, and your architect, we can guide you through the pitfalls normally encountered in the design of new facilities.

Aquatic Animal Husbandry

There are many and varied legal requirements placed on modern public aquariums relating to keeping animals in captivity. As a conservation and educational charity, we operate to the highest possible standards in this regard and is proud to have a facility that easily surpasses the requirements of the UK’s Zoo Licensing legislation, some of the strictest in the world.

The team at the National Marine Aquarium can provide advice, guidance and planning for all aspects of the captive management of aquatic species.

You may be looking to review or improve your institutions husbandry standards or perhaps you’re planning a new exhibit with a species you haven’t held before. Either way we can assist or guide you through the process.

Aquarium Diving

Running a commercial dive team in the UK can be onerous and fraught with legal pitfalls. Knowing which Approved Code of Practice to apply to your diving activity, or even knowing when to employ commercial divers, can be confusing.

We can provide advice and guidance and can even provide fully compliant dive operation manuals for your facility.

We can also offer the facility to send your own employees to the National Marine Aquarium, providing they hold suitable qualifications, to learn the skills required to dive safely and effectively in aquatic exhibits.

Please note, we do not provide commercial diving services but we can make sure you run your own safely.

Collection Planning and Review

As seasoned professionals, we fully understand that after a while an institutions collection can lose focus and direction.

The National Marine Aquarium can review your current collection and work with you to develop a new, exciting and engaging collection plan that satisfies the requirements of Zoo legislation and fits with the conservation priorities of the relevant Zoo Association operating in your region of the world.

We can also create collection plans for new projects, safeguarding the welfare and veterinary needs of your animals, whilst ensuring your exhibits are attractive to your customers.

Additional Technical Services

  • Facilities Management review
  • Environmental Management Systems

Our Staff

We have a wide variety of staff at the National Marine Aquarium that can offer advice to help you with your technical requirements.

James Wright, Assistant Curator
James experience includes overseas fish acquisition and transport.

Drew Colenso, Facilities Manager
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