A new home for the National Marine Aquarium’s Ocellated Eagle Ray pups

8th May 2017

Nevis and Grenadine, the National Marine Aquarium’s Ocellated Eagle Ray pups, have been successfully moved to their new home, in the Aquarium’s Great Barrier Reef exhibit.

Born nearly a year ago, the Ocellated Eagle Ray (Aetobatus ocellatus) pups – one male (Nevis) and one female (Grenadine) – have thrived in the Moon Pool exhibit and grew big enough to move to the Great Barrier Reef tank, where they are happily swimming alongside the Aquarium’s recently acquired Grey Reef Sharks, Timor and Java and the Zebra Sharks.

Nevis and Grenadine were born last June to Vincent and Kitts, two of the Aquarium’s adult Rays, and are the first ever captive-bred pups to be born successfully in the UK, thanks to a long-standing collaboration between the team at the National Marine Aquarium and other aquariums across Europe.

James Wright, Curator at the National Marine Aquarium, commented: “We are delighted with the progress of our pups. They have become firm favourites amongst visitors to the Moon Pool exhibit and we are thrilled we have now been able to move the pups to our Great Barrier Reef exhibit, where they have over 650,000 litres of water to enjoy and can swim alongside over 70 species of fish.

“Our Ocellated Eagle Ray pups are very special to everyone at the National Marine Aquarium as their arrival was the culmination of a seven-year project, working closely with colleagues at Royal Burger’s Zoo in Arnhem, The Netherlands, who are the only other aquarium in Europe to successfully breed this species in captivity. A significant part of what we do at the National Marine Aquarium is leading pioneering conservation projects, such as this captive breeding programme, so that we continue to learn about unusual or lesser known species and help conserve them for the future. The success of the Eagle Ray pups is testament to the hard work of everyone here at the Aquarium.”

To view the Ocellated Eagle Rays big move to the Great Barrier Reef exhibit, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/pg/NationalMarineAquarium/videos/?ref=page_internal

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