NMA Ocean Ambassadors

What is an NMA Ocean Ambassador?

Our Ocean Ambassadors are high profile individuals who share our charity’s views. They raise the profile of the National Marine Aquarium through their own profile and create charitable connections for the NMA.


The National Marine Aquarium is a conservation charity with the mission to connect us with our Oceans. This mission is delivered via programmes of conservation education and research which contribute towards promoting pro-Ocean behaviour to secure a healthy future for our Oceans for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

Our NMA Ambassadors help us to do this in many ways. We are seeking to take our mission further than ever before and have to enrolled the help of some ‘NMA Ocean Ambassadors’ to help fly the flag for us and our mission. We see our Ocean Ambassadors as a floating element of our highly skilled Discovery and Learning team.

Have a read of our fantastic current Ocean Ambassadors. If you’d like more information on any of them then email enquiries@national-aquarium.co.uk

Henry Bomby

Henry joins the NMA in flying the flag for our mission of connecting us with our oceans and promoting pro-ocean behaviour, creating healthier oceans for the benefit and enjoyment of all. Becoming an Ocean Ambassador, alongside his exciting race aboard the Turn the Tide on Plastic sailing yacht, provides Henry with a great opportunity to share his passion for the oceans and why we should all look after them.

Why not keep up to date with Henry’s adventures – here.

Don’t worry if you’re not a World Sailor or TV Personality, you can still support our charity by volunteering your time or donating to our cause.

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