International Sawfish Day

17th October 2017

International Sawfish Day

Today on Tuesday 17th October we’re joining our friends in The Deep aquarium as well as many other aquariums around the world to celebrate the very first International Sawfish Day. International Sawfish Day a day dedicated to increasing awareness of these amazing animals in a bid to safeguard their future.

It feels timely that earlier today a lovely lady called Penelope visited us here at the National Marine Aquarium to donate some amazing Sawfish rostrums. Penelope contacted us detailing how these artifacts came to be in her possession.

“I inherited the sawfish rostrums from a cousin, Gwen, in 1971. She was in her 90th year and had died, and I was sorting out her things, and I came across the sawfish parts, and I was so impressed by them that I have had them with me since 1971.

As far as I know, Gwen didn’t travel, but her brother was in both North Africa and India during the first world war as an engineer on building or repairing bridges. It is very probable that he brought them back to their home at some point – none of the three married, so his home would have been with his sisters.

I think this was before WW1, as during the war his leave was cancelled again and again, and when finally he was given a couple of weeks leave, sadly he died of black water fever and never reached England and his family.

I am delighted to give them to the Aquarium as to me they are very special, and it would be very rewarding to know that they have ended up where they will not only be appreciated, but also enjoyed by the public.”

We’d like to thank Penelope for her donation to the NMA, we’ll use these amazing arefacts to show our visitors and talk about how interesting Sawfish are, and how important it is for us to increase awareness of these stunning creatures.

For more information on International Sawfish Day head here.

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