Improve Your Sustainability

1st December 2015

At the National Marine Aquarium we support sustainable fishing. For several years we have been involved with seafood sustainability within Plymouth and the South West.

We are always looking for way to improve our own seafood sustainability and love promoting different way for our visitors to improve their sustainability at home.

Follow our five easy tips and become a sustainable seafood guru!

  1. Talk to your fishmonger. They can tell you about what species are best for each season, plus the simplest ways to prepare and cook your fish.
  2. Your fishmonger can also tell you about local species. These are just as tasty and cheaper than cod, haddock, tuna, salmon and prawns.
  3. Use the Marine Conservation Societies (MCS) Good Fish Guide. It’s a really simple way to check the sustainability of your seafood.
  4. The guide also tells you about eco-labels. You can find these on your fresh, frozen and tinned fish. Just remember, if it’s not on the tin don’t put it in.
  5. Be brave and ask restaurants about their seafood. You can even rate them by visiting

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