Help From Volunteers

17th February 2016

For most charities volunteers are an integral part of the organisation and the National Marine Aquarium is no different. Being the largest aquarium in the UK means that there are many volunteering opportunities but in this instance lets just focus on one role.

Our Plymouth Sound interns spend 3 months assisting the area biologists by helping to look after all our cool native species. This may involve looking after baby blennies that have hatched out in our Temperate Reserve area or helping to target train Cornelia, our resident grumpy stone bass, and everything in between. With 22 native displays and approximately 30 back of house tanks there is always plenty to do and the day could throw anything at you. A good eye for detail is very important, especially when it comes to culturing plankton to feed to the animals. These guys are microscopic and need a great deal of TLC each day to ensure the cultures thrive.

In general we can guarantee that our volunteers will end up wet, dirty and smelling of fish but mostly they love it! In fact many of them ask to return but due to the popularity of our volunteering programmes you sometimes have to give someone else an opportunity.

We are very proud of our volunteers here at the National Marine Aquarium and we hope they know they’re appreciated!

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