V.I.P Behind the Scenes Tours

2nd June 2017

The National Marine Aquarium is the nation’s largest public aquarium and an independent conservation charity. This means we do things a little differently and have some pretty special behind the scenes areas. The only problem is nobody can see the incredible things that happen behind closed doors. That is, until now!

We are very happy to say that we are opening ourselves up for some very special VIP Tours! These will take you into the depths of the Aquarium to see just what it takes to keep 4,000 animals happy and healthy.

Each Behind the Scenes tour will visit the key working areas our expert staff use every day to keep the building running. You’ll get access to previously unseen rooms and be accompanied by two personal guides to make sure you see everything we have offer. In a whirlwind one hour tour we hope you’ll learn about our work whilst having fun and enjoying the VIP treatment.

We always want to be open and honest in everything we do, as well as inspiring the next generation of marine biologists. So if you’d like to know how we clean the nation’s biggest tank, how we feed the most sharks and rays in the UK, and how we perform surgery on our animals then why not join us for this very special venture.

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