Toddler Blog – Tarpon

23rd January 2018


Today we learnt all about the ‘Silver King’ of the Atlantic Ocean: the Tarpon! We learnt all about this majestic fish, decorated our own Tarpon with recycled tin foil from our Creative Centre and went for an explore around the aquarium to find other marine animals with prehistoric roots! Finally, we all read a story about another fish with shimmering scales, the Rainbow Fish!

3 facts
1. Tarpon can grow up to 8 feet long and can live for 50 years!
2. Fossils have been found that suggest Tarpon have been swimming around in the ocean for around 100 million years! This makes them prehistoric like sharks, turtles and jellyfish!
3. Tarpon are a bit unusual because they can breathe using their swim bladder, the organ fish use to control buoyancy, as well as their gills! They can come up to the surface and take big gulps of air so that they can swim where there is little oxygen in the water!

Next Week: Next week we are learning all about Barracuda! Toddler Tuesdays is limited to 15 spaces per session and tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis! Come along early to avoid disappointment.

When? Tuesday Mornings 10:30 – 11:30am during term time
Where? We are based in our Waves Cafe
Who? Anyone aged 2-4 years
Price? £1 per child* Please pay at the ticketing desk

*additional charge to entry

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