Toddler Blog – Sharks of the Deep!

25th April 2018


Today we continued our adventures in the deep sea by looking at the strange and stupendous shapes and sizes that deep sea sharks come in! We looked at how deep sea sharks were different to the sharks we find around the aquarium, played some shark themed games and then made our own salt dough and used cookie cutters to make cut out shapes just like a Cookie Cutter shark does!

3 facts

  1. The Frilled shark looks more like an eel and has strange, red gills which stick out like frills from the side of its body.
  2. The Greenland shark lives underneath the ice sheets and is very, very slow! It is so slow that it can only catch sleeping seals! However, they can live up to 400 years!
  3. The cookie cutter shark lives up to 1000m deep in the sea, when it eats it cuts circles out of its food just like we cut cookies out of cookie dough.

Sign of the Week:

Next Week: We continue our journey into the deep sea and look at the odd world of the deep sea octopus!

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