Toddler Blog – Penguins

28th November 2017

In our Toddler session, this week we explored our favourite waddling creature the penguin. We started off the session practicing our sign language, learnt lots of penguin facts and went off to explore the Aquarium on a hunt to find the biggest fish. We learnt the penguin dance in front of the Christmas tree and made our own penguins out of paper plates.

3 facts

  1. Penguins are birds but they can’t fly, even though they have wings. They tend to waddle instead!
  2. Penguins like to eat krill, squid and crustaceans! They have spikey tongues to stop their food from escaping! They can drink seawater because they can filter out the salt out of the water themselves!
  3. Penguins love to swim, they spend around half their time in the sea and half on the land. They can swim up to 15 miles per hour! They are shaped like a torpedo to help them swim! They cannot breathe underwater and they have to hold their breath

Sign of the Week:

Next Week:

Next week in our Toddler sessions we will be learning about whale food…. Krill! A small little shrimp-like crustacean which is very important to the ocean.

When? Tuesday Mornings 10:30 – 11:30am during term time
Where? We are based in our Waves Cafe
Who? Anyone aged 2-4 years
Price? £1 per child* Please pay at the ticketing desk

*additional charge to entry

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