Toddler Blog – Narwhals

14th December 2017

This week at Toddler Tuesdays we have been learning all about the mysterious, magical unicorn of the sea… the Narwhal! We also made paper plate Narwhal tusk hats to wear as we explored the aquarium looking for other sea creatures with strange long noses. Once we’d explored, we played games and read a lovely story in front of the Great Barrier Reef tank before heading back up to the café for a sing along.

3 facts

1. The Narwhal’s famous unicorn like tusk is actually a tooth! They only have two teeth and one of them grows into the long tusk. This tooth keeps growing for the Narwhals whole life and can be up to 3m long!

2. Narwhals can grow up to 16ft long and weigh nearly two tonnes, as much as three cows!

3. Narwhals’ look for food and communicate with their friends by making loud clicking noises, just like whales and dolphins do. The clicks from a Narwhal are so loud that they can make a human lose their hearing!

Next Week: Next week is our final Toddler Tuesday Session before the Christmas holidays so we are having festive fun learning about Christmassy marine life and singing some fishy carols! After the Christmas holidays, the first Toddler Tuesdays session will be on the 9th of January.

When? Tuesday Mornings 10:30 – 11:30am during term time
Where? We are based in our Waves Cafe
Who? Anyone aged 2-4 years
Price? £1 per child* Please pay at the ticketing desk

*additional charge to entry

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