Toddler Blog – Deep Sea Adventures!

18th April 2018

Today we went on an epic adventure to find out more about life at bottom of the ocean! We discovered how life is different for deep sea creatures and how scientists use special robots called Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to explore the bottom of the ocean. We went to visit Denzel the Boarfish to see how fish look different when they live deeper in the ocean, coloured in our own ROVs and did an experiment to see how heavy we had to make our ROVs to make them sink down into the deep!

3 deep sea facts:

  1. At the deepest part of the ocean, the weight of the water squashing down on top of you would be the same as 100 elephants standing on your head!
  2. Boarfish like Denzel, who lives here at the National Marine Aquarium, can dive up to 700m down into the sea to find themselves something tasty to eat! They have very big eyes to make sure they can make the most of any light they find down there!
  3. Scientists use ROVs to explore the deep sea where it is too dangerous for people to go and look themselves. The ROVs have cameras to take photos and grabbing claws to bring things back up for the scientists to look at!

Next Week: Join us for as we continue our travels in the deep sea and discover all about deep sea sharks!

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