Toddler Tuesdays

Our Toddler Tuesday sessions run every Tuesday throughout the school term, allowing children between the ages of 2-4 to explore the underwater world. Sessions change weekly, focusing on different parts of the aquarium – including exciting activities such as stories, arts and crafts, puppet shows, treasure hunts and, on special occasions, even meeting our friendly aquarium mermaid, Marina!

Each week we’ll be looking at a different sea theme beginning with a letter of the alphabet.

A- Anemone
B- Butterfly Blenny- her story
C- Cuttlefish- camouflage
D- Divers- meet a real life diver!
E- Eagle Rays
F- Flying fish
G- Guitar Shark
H- Hermit Crab
I- Ice
J- Jellyfish
K- Kelp
L- Lemon Shark
M- Mermaid
N- Nemo
O- Octopus
P- Parrot Fish
Q- Queen Triggerfish
R- Rays/Rainbow Fish
S- Sharks
T- Turtle
U- Underwater
V- Vampire Squid
W- Whale
X- X ray Fish
Y- Yellow Box Fish
Z- Zebra Shark

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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