Sea the Difference – Ocean Adventures

6th February 2018

Our Local Ocean is amazing!

We are lucky to have over 13,000km2 of Marine Conservation Zones and the longest National Trail in the UK, the South West Coast Path, at a staggering 630 miles of continuous coastline trail. All this makes the South West an oceans lover’s paradise.

The Ocean along the South West is filled with life and is home to some of the most interesting and important animals on earth such as:

  • The world’s biggest jellyfish, the Lion’s Mane jellyfish, which has tentacles 37m long, as tall as a 14 storey building
  • The ocean’s most intelligent predator, the Orca, which has developed languages, culture, and even plays with fishermen by stealing their fish
  • The world’s fastest shark, the Shortfin Mako, which reaches speeds of 45mph
  • The world’s longest animal, the Bootlace Worm, which can grow up to 55m long and is covered in toxic mucus
  • 21 species of shark, from tiny Lantern Sharks to enormous Basking Sharks
  • 18 species of rays and skates, including the Atlantic Torpedo Ray which can weigh up to 90kg and produces electric shocks of up to 220V
  • 25 species of Whale and Dolphin, including Blue Whales, the biggest animal to have ever lived

During February Half Term we’re holding ‘Sea the Difference: Ocean Adventures’ and will be celebrating our local Ocean and all the amazing Ocean activities you can get involved in right on our doorstep. The South West is home to some amazing conservation organisations, reserves, and success stories and throughout Half Term week we’ll have guest organisations pop up stands around the NMA. They’ll be here to promote their work and help us with our charitable mission of ‘Connecting us with our Oceans’.

Come to the NMA to meet a whole host of exciting charities and partners all working throughout the South West to champion our beautiful coastal waters. Meet scientists, conservationists and marine heroes! Take part in activities, games and adventures!

During this week we are delighted to welcome to following organisations:

  • Beach Schools Southwest
  • Community Seagrass Initiative
  • Devon Wildlife Trust
  • Marine Biological Association
  • Marine Conservation Society
  • Plymouth City Council
  • RSPB
  • South West Coast Path
  • Mount Batten Centre
  • Island Trust

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