Pokémon Go… to the Aquarium!

22nd July 2016

Pokémon Go! Is the  latest craze in pop culture and as it seems to be increasingly gaining traction here at the National Marine Aquarium we can’t help but get involved and interact with this colourful virtual world.

Different geographical regions hide different types of Pokémon so if you’re fed up of those pesky Zubats and want a change of scenery and a variety of Pokémon to catch then visit us at the National Marine Aquarium with a fully charged phone and a sense of adventure.

As you’ve probably guessed you will find mostly water Pokémon in and around the Aquarium, a large amount of Magikarps which unlike the all-to-familiar Zubats, these guys will help you get a Gyarados!   There are few psychic types around too such as Gastly, Hypno and many more. There’s a lot of history around the site of the Aquarium too so there are plenty of Pokéstops including the Aquarium itself for you to replenish your supplies.


(A Pokémon caught on our very own steps here at the aquarium, so don’t worry about being bored in any potential queues!)

Plymouth has a shown a massive interest in this game and holds the biggest online group for members within a local area, even beating out the city of New York! So all these people are playing it for a reason and what better way to see what you can find by visiting one of Plymouth’s biggest attractions to see if you really can catch them all!

For those of you who already know all of this and have your attention split between this article and the 18th Zubat that you’ve seen today already then you have experienced the allure of this game. So we’re calling all trainers to come visit us here at the National Marine Aquarium to see what you can find and if you’re good enough, catch! Whether your team Valor, Mystic or Instinct, we’re having fun with it and want you to as well.

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