Have you ever spotted a very large grumpy looking fish in one of our tanks? Cornelia is our stone bass and she loves swimming around and seeing all the different people that come to visit her. Why not see if you can find her during one of our special dive shows on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays? If you want a challenge, why not send us you best Cornelia impression with the Eddystone Reef tank as your backdrop using the hashtag #fishface.


Cornelia, our very large grumpy looking fish, is a Stone Bass (Polyprion americanus) or Wreck Fish. She lives in our Eddystone Reef exhibit, with lots of other fish that can be commonly found in waters around the British Coast. Stone Bass are not commonly found around the coast of Britain (but do pass through our waters), preferring slightly warmer waters, making Cornelia a very special fish!

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