Our 20 Beach Cleans are Complete!

5th June 2018

To celebrate 20 years of the National Marine Aquarium, we travelled to some local sandy shores and aimed to clean 20 beaches over the course of a few months. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our Oceans every year but due to very dedicated Ocean lovers, we are making a big difference! Instead of limiting ourselves to just 20 cleans, our eager staff completed a few more – with the help from you – collecting a total of 100kg (the weight of 4 full-grown Labradors!) While cleaning, we were able to explore our beaches in more detail and found some incredible treasures! Mermaids Purses, crab carapaces, beautiful painted topshells and cetacean bones were amongst a few of our exciting discoveries…

We’d like to thank everyone who came along and got involved with picking up litter and learning more about the issues our Oceans face with our Discovery and Learning team!
If you want to get involved in helping to conserve our beautiful Oceans, it’s really easy! By simply swapping plastic bags for reusable shopping bags, buying a reusable coffee cup or picking up a bit of litter from the beach, you ensure that our beautiful marine life stays happy.

We may have accomplished our 20 beach cleans but we’re not stopping there! Look out for more summer beach activities…coming soon!

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