Ocean Aliens Summer Holiday!

29th June 2017

Ocean Aliens

This Summer Holiday here at the National Marine Aquarium we are boldly going where we’ve never been before… to the deep ocean to explore the world of Ocean Aliens!

Did you know that 99% of the living space on Earth is in the ocean? The fact that humans have only explored only 5% of our seas means there are the weird and wonderful animals still to discover down in the deep sea. With more people having stepped foot on the surface of the moon than the very bottom of the sea, our oceans have so many similarities to outer space. The creatures that live down in the deep really do look like aliens from another world! From Vampire Squids to glowing jellyfish, we’ll be exploring the deep sea world of these amazing animals.

Throughout the whole of the Summer Holiday there will be a spacey new Summer Show showcasing the cosmic creatures of the deep. Visitors will become deep sea explorers as they learn about the challenges of going down into the deep ocean, what they will find there and how humans use the deep sea.

As well as the Spacey new show, there will be a cosmic creature trail around the building as well as our daily dive shows, talks and feeds, this Summer Holiday at the Aquarium will be out of this world! Come and join ‘LOOLA’ our curious visitor from outer space in the search for more ocean aliens!


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