Jawsome World of Sharks and Rays

1st July 2016

When you think of sharks and rays what words come to mind? Exciting? Graceful? Scary? Well, here at the National Marine Aquarium, there’s only one word that comes to mind, and that word is JAWSOME.

This July, we are very excited to announce we’re launching a brand new exhibit called the ‘Jawsome’ World of Sharks and Rays’. This new exhibit is a redevelopment on an area in the Aquarium and will wrap around our massive Atlantic Ocean Tank (the deepest in the whole of the UK), and will be a huge exploration of the amazing animals sharks and rays.


Not only will the whole of the interpretation in the exhibit be redeveloped and redesigned, but also we’ll be adding new species of shark and ray to go alongside Enzo, Howie and uShaka our Sand Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Eagle Rays and many more of our existing collection. With the addition of these animals it will mean we will have the most sharks and rays UK Aquarium.

The exhibit will have a family focus, and will be a fun interactive space for everyone to learn more about elasmobranchs (the classification of sharks and rays). You’ll discover the basics; what makes a shark a shark, how rays breath, whilst learning all about these creatures that so many have misunderstood through the media.


When asked why the Aquarium chose these animals to explore and focus on Mark Du’chesne General Manager said “Both sharks and rays have had unwanted attention and stigma attached to them for many years after accidents or tragedies, but here at the National Marine Aquarium we have decided to put the record straight. We’ll be diving into the world of sharks and rays by talking about their positive, amazing and interesting qualities. And of course we’ll also look at how we as humans can live in harmony with them and protect the top predators of the ocean, as we need them as much as they need us!”.

Why not head to the Aquarium this Summer holidays, explore the World of Jawsome and also experience the recently updated Plymouth Sound exhibit, and the developed Biozone exhibit. The new exhibit launches in July!

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