Busking at the National Marine Aquarium – ‘Do I have to learn an instrument?’

4th October 2017

A blog by Volunteer Host – Summer

Busking at the National Marine Aquarium – ‘Do I have to learn an instrument?’ The answer was no, I did not. Our version of busking here at the NMA is not a musical approach, more like a don’t-forget-that-there’s-a-shark-tooth-in-my-pocket-when-I-sit-down sort of thing…

Volunteering at the National Marine Aquarium has granted me the unique opportunity to say things such as ‘excuse me please, lady coming through with some shark jaws!’ (As to which I do get some slightly puzzled looks afterwards).

Science ‘Busking’ plays a major role in part of each day at the Aquarium where we are able to handle some incredible Shark Jaws/eggs, whale ribs almost as big as a human or turtle shells, to name a few! Using these artefacts, we can encourage our visitors to understand our amazing marine creatures in a more hands-on way.

However, as well as busking with artefacts, we also have busking games which allow people to engage with deeper marine related issues in a fun and entertaining way.

I wanted to give back to the aquarium as a thank you for the amazing opportunities it have given me so I have spent the past 3 months creating a busking game of my own, ‘Fishing For Facts’. I wanted there to be a game for every part of the aquarium and decided that our tropical fish zone – the Biozone – needed a game of its own! I have hand-sewn ten miniature fish species from our Biozone and placed them in a bag as to which you may draw one out to find in the room. You can then learn a bit more about that fish or the tank, with the help of our host/volunteer. Stickers also included!

Here at The National Marine Aquarium we do our best to give back to you as much as we can, Whether giving talks every hour, bringing out our artefacts to show you or even just providing any information or support. Thanks for reading.

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