Yoga at the National Marine Aquarium

11th July 2017

By Oleta Forde

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy”

Wise words like these help me to decide what I do with my time. So today I took the first Yoga at the National Marine Aquarium session run by Nuffield Health.

My name is Oleta, I work as a Host in the Discovery & Learning Team at the National Marine Aquarium. I spend my days engaging with the public, inspiring visitors about marine life and encouraging people to connect with nature. I am lucky to be surrounded by the Aquariums beautiful creatures a lot of the time but this new yoga event helped me to see the fish in a different way.

I’m not new to yoga but I have been practicing for some time now that I can hold a lot of the poses that looked impossible to me when I was first starting out. I have mostly learnt from the Yoga Bible and watching tutorials online, it is only recently that I have started to attend classes at a local Yoga studio. When I saw the chance to practice Yoga in a marine setting I knew I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity. Practicing yoga at the National Marine Aquarium for the first time was an amazing experience. I’ve often practiced yoga outdoors but never have I been able to practice yoga in the presence of some of my favourite animals whilst watching them happily swimming about.

What should you expect from Yoga at the National Marine Aquarium?

The Eddystone Reef Exhibit offers a beautiful environment to relax and stretch surrounded by a variety of people. I found that in moving between sequences and different poses the fish swimming around in front of me gave me something to focus on, helped me reach a state of mindfulness and really listen to my body after day of rushing around.

What to wear or bring to Yoga at the National Marine Aquarium?

To practice yoga, you need to be comfortable so wear what makes you happy. I always go for light, breathable clothing and a warm fleece to wrap up warm after the session, be sure to remove shoes and socks before you begin. And for the session you need only bring a water bottle as mats are provided, though if you’re like me and like to use your own things bring your own mat but arrive early to choose your space.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to yoga you should try something different and join the National Marine Aquarium and Nuffield health for their next session in front the Eddystone Exhibit.


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