Toddler Blog: Stellar Starfish!

9th October 2018


Today we learnt all about the stellar starfish!! First, we practiced our animal sign language, then we looked at a model starfish and investigated how its body was different to ours! We counted how many arms it had, looked to see if it had eyes and learnt about the yucky way it eats food! Then we went off for an explore in our Plymouth Sound exhibit to see if we could find the biggest starfish in the room. Whilst we were up there we played lots of games and found a starfish which had grown an extra leg!

Back in the Waves Café we had a super time with sensory salt dough play! We mixed flour, water, salt and food colouring to make our very own salt dough starfish. We made a whole galaxy of wonderful starfish and then had time for a quick sing song before it was time to head home!

Who is it?

Starfish are star shaped sea creatures that you can find in oceans all over the world! They are not fish, as the name suggests, but echinoderms! ‘Echinoderm’ is Greek for hedgehog skin because lots of echinoderms have spines on their bodies!

What makes it special?

A starfish has five arms and if one of them falls off the clever starfish can grow a whole new one! Sometimes they get a bit carried away and grow extra ones! Starfish also have an eye spot on the end of each one of their arms!

Starfish are a little bit gross, especially when they eat! Their mouth is underneath them in the middle of their arms! When they find something tasty they throw their tummy out of their mouth, sit right on top of it and uses it’s tummy juice to make it into a lovely soup milkshake and then slurps it all back up!

Where can we find them?

Starfish can be found in rockpools all around the world and can be found all year round! Some can have up to 20 legs, we call these sun stars!

How can we look after them?

Starfish live in rockpools, so to look after them we need to look after their home! We can do this by taking part in beach cleans, following the seashore code and by leaving only our footprints when we go to explore.

Next Week: We are learning about the cutest of the crabs, the Hermit Crab.

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