STEMFest Family

22nd August 2016

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical skills are taught as a fundamental part of a child’s educational development. Here at the aquarium we are proud to support schools from around the UK to learn all about what we do here and how important these skills are. However, we do not leave education in the classrooms. Families are welcomed to take part in our STEMFest Family activities that help enrich a young mind with their family.

operations shark family flyer
This year we have a real challenge, join us for a new workshop! The team will have to work hard together to find out what’s wrong with our hammerhead shark and make them feel all better. Do you think your family are up to the task? Fancy learning something new with your child? Come to the aquarium this September!
We have workshops throughout the day and it only costs the standard entry fee. So with a valid Day-Plus-Pass it’s free!

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