STEMFest 2017 – Giant Squid, Giant Challenge

31st August 2017

A blog by our Schools Officer Loveday

Every year, the National Marine Aquarium runs two weeks of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths activities for children in primary and secondary schools. It’s called STEMFest and it’s lots of fun!

This year, STEMFest is set to be bigger and better than ever. We’ve been working with our friends from Building Plymouth to plan a day of investigating what would happen if we were to get a giant squid brought in to us. The challenge is theoretical as giant squid have never been kept in captivity before, for good reason! However, through the use of a lot of imagination, architectural design opportunities and biological examinations of squid anatomy, the students will get a real life insight in to the challenges of keeping new and challenging animals.

STEMFest starts on the 11th September with the first week running for primary schools and week two for secondary schools and home educators. We are very excited because we will be hosting sessions in architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering and technology taught by industry professionals from the Building Plymouth network. On the day itself, students will be set a challenge: design a tank for a giant squid. Then, with the information they have gathered through their day with the experts, they are invited to develop their own ideas and models at school before presenting them to the Building Plymouth team as part of a free follow up outreach programme that might even result in a prestigious award from the building and engineering community in Plymouth!

Go Squid!

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