My favourite tank and what people can learn from it?

28th November 2015

I love all of the exhibits at the aquarium, each for different reasons. So when asked which my favourite is I struggle to choose just one. The exhibit I probably spend most time talking to people about is our Eddystone Reef exhibit. This tank is a reflection of the ecosystem surrounding the rocky reefs of Eddystone lighthouse, roughly 12 miles off our shore. This allows us to appreciate the diversity of marine life most people don’t realise we have here on our doorstep. This includes native sharks, flatfish, wrasse, lobsters, bass, mullet and some of our good old favourite sustainable fish such as Pollock!

For anyone who doesn’t know, sustainable seafood is defined as farmed or fished in a way that helps maintain or improve production and well-being of the oceans in the long run. I really think Eddystone Reef exhibit is great for our mission statement ‘driving marine conservation through engagement’ as it allows conversations on fishing methods and conservation.

Whilst admiring this exhibit with members of the public I never lecture anyone, instead I strike up conversations about great recipes and local fish restaurants in order to make people aware of their environmental impacts. Thanks to the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), MCS (Marine Conservation Society) and various other charities it is so ridiculously easy to learn about and buy sustainable fish. Just pick up or download a Good Fish Guide which is updated over the year with fish to buy and avoid. Here at the aquarium we don’t want to discourage eating seafood, as it is really tasty, we just want everyone to be more responsible and know what the consequences of unsustainable fishing are on the marine environment.


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