17th October 2016

The ocean is a place of magic and wonder. However, there are some peculiar and spooky looking things when you take a closer look at what’s deep down below.

Transylvania may have Dracula, but the deep has the Vampire squid! Werewolves may be in London, but the Atlantic has the Wolfish! Ghosts, ghouls and goblin (sharks) will be paying us all a visit this Halloween for Family Fright night, so let’s take a look at some of the spookiest animals in the ocean.

The Common fangtooth is one of the scarcest creatures you may find down in the deep. They are a “sit and wait” predator with their mouth full of long sharp teeth they wait for their perfect moment to strike! Luckily they live down to nearly 16,000 metres so they won’t take a nibble when you go to the beach.viperfish_sea_stoke

Lurking alongside the Fangtooth we have the Vipertooth. It is one of the most well known creatures down in the deep sea, much like the Anglerfish. Using its light-producing organ the Viperfish lures its prey to its doom. It is thought to attack its prey via propelling itself forward at great force to impale the unsuspecting victim (ouch!). Unlike the Anglerfish the Vipertooth has a long eel-like body, making it even spookier!

If that’s not enough, check out the Firefly Squid! This squid is equipped with special light-producing organs called photophores. These organs emitted a blue light mimicking firefly’s. The squid can choose to show off all these lights at once or switch it up a bit by creating their own mini-light show! Each year off the coast of Japan they gather to spawn and it is truly something.vampyroteuthis_infernalis

If that’s not enough spooky facts and animals come to our Family Fright Night  where you’ll hear about all these and more!


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