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7th April 2017

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February and March have seen a busy build up to British Science Week (more of that to come later) so to add to the challenge we decided that it would be the perfect time to redesign our Creative Centre! The Creative Centre is the central hub of art and design and crafts for both the Education Team and the Public Engagement Team. The use of Art in the Aquarium allows our visitors to bring their experience to life. It enriches the way that we engage with the animals, and allows us to become involved with the subjects at a more personal level.

Recently however, the Creative Centre has been feeling a little neglected, and so we decided it was time for it to have a proper make over. The redesign involved our entire Discovery and Learning Team dressing up (a little bit differently to the usual sea-themed fancy dress!) and showing off our painting skills. Our Site Services Team, Matt and Travis, seemed a little surprised by the enthusiasm (and singing skills) of their new helpers! The entire room was repainted in white, getting the canvas ready for the new theme.

The hosts get ready to paint…

As art has such an important role in the Aquarium we wanted to create a space that would inspire our visitors, and encourage them to get creative. To do this we thought we would try something slightly different… graffiti!

Jon Lilly, a local graffiti artist, came in to help us redesign the room and the work that he has done is truly amazing! If you want to get in touch with Jon about any art work then contact him at – chopstar1976@hotmail.com . Check out the photos below to see the brand new look…

The ‘Explorer Corner’

Jellyfish drifting along the wall

Our new projector screen

Leading out to our Atlantic Ocean exhibit

Small bits of work are still being undertaken on the Creative Centre to get the finishing touches in place, but come and visit us soon and join in with our arts and crafts that are available over the holidays and weekends in our newly designed Creative Centre.


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