Being a STEM ambassador by Roger

9th November 2015

To become a Stem Ambassador you need to have an interest in working with children and a passion to promote one of the four STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It can be any combination; but personally my favourites are maths and technology. I have been a STEM ambassador for a couple of years, and often get involved in STEM projects. In the last year I have carried out 5 school visits, which have involved helping to make STEM subjects a more exciting and relevant part of the curriculum, as well as talking to Year 6 classes about my own working life and how I have used STEM subjects in my career.

Schools often request a STEM ambassador to visit them with regards to helping with a topic that they have been covering in the classroom. By using STEM, it is easy to promote discovery and learning for the children by applying real life situations to the topic being learnt. This allows children to see exactly what they are doing, why it is relevant, and how it can help them in the future. There are many ways to progress in STEM subjects with your career, and I find it enjoyable to help children and inspire them to choose a career within STEM subjects.

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