Toddler Blog: Stellar Starfish!

9th October 2018

Overview Today we learnt all about the stellar starfish!! First, we practiced our animal sign language, then we looked at...

Quiet at the Aquarium returns this November

9th October 2018

For the 3rd year running, we’re holding Quiet at the Aquarium for families with sensory needs to explore the exhibits...

Introducing our new sandbar sharks!

8th October 2018

We’ve recently had two exciting additions to our Atlantic Ocean tank; new sandbar sharks! These sharks have joined a fellow...

It’s World Octopus day! Here are 8 reasons why we love these crazy cephalopods.

8th October 2018

With their eight arms, three hearts, and colour-changing skin, we adore octopuses here at the National Marine Aquarium. From our...

Toddler Blog: Brilliant Barnacles!

2nd October 2018

Today we learnt all about the beautiful, brilliant barnacle! When most people go to the beach they often walk past...

The Atlantic Project at the NMA – Everything you need to know

1st October 2018

The Atlantic Project has just begun this week! Here’s everything you need to know about Plymouth's brand new contemporary art...

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